Love to you

We can look good, but nothing compares to feeling good. Self-love is the respect, courage, acceptance and positive thoughts we have for ourselves that can be appreciated by those around us.

Self-love depends on our willingness to love ourselves, not that of others. It is the reflection of our relationship and feelings with ourselves in every way.

When we are able to love ourselves, that feeling is projected outwards as a feeling of wellbeing that is expressed in many ways and enjoyed.

Recognize that we deserve good things in our lives and that we are worthy to love and be loved is to value ourselves.

Our happiness is the main goal of self-love, accepting ourselves as we are without letting anyone intervene is vital for our well-being. We must also recognize our virtues, shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses to fully accept and be comfortable with ourselves.

When you love yourself, it automatically shows in your attitude, in your way of being and in the way you treat others.

Always remember that nobody is perfect and that you deserve many good things, if you feel good inside you will also do it outside and it will be noticed!

Stefanía Fernández