Eye's of a Godess

The skin surrounding our eyes is extremely delicate, from the age of 25 the eye contour begins to be part of the obligatory care of our skin to keep it elastic and avoid dark circles, wrinkles and bags.

This skin dries very easily due to its low natural emulsion coverage, in addition to excessive exposure to the sun, cold, wind or pollution. It´s the thinnest and most fragile of our entire body, that is why it is important to have a daily routine of basic care such as rigorous but gentle cleaning

You have to know that this epidermis has few sebaceous and sweat glands and that it works differently at night cleansing during the day. The collagen fibers, the elastin of the dermis and the hypodermis are also delicate and have little fat. All these elements are those that cause defects such as dark circles, bags and wrinkles.

A skin care routine is one of the crucial points in the care of this are of your face. The Ultra-Elasticity Marula Eye Serum will help you reduce the appearance of dark circles, cucumber to smooth the surface of the skin, increase circulation and prevent drag around the eye area. From the oil of Africa's Marula fruit tree, it soothes and reduces puffiness around the delicate eye area, as it calms and smoothes the surface of the skin. Natural squalane mimics the skin's own natural oils which benefits balance and glow, it helps to reduce fine lines in wrinkles within seven days.

For all skin types. Gently apply around the eyes in a right-to-left motion during the day and night.

Your eyes will thank you!

Stefanía Fernández