Achieving your best natural look !


Achieving your best natural look!

Marula oil is known for its incredible composition of essential vitamins and Omega 6/Omega 8 fatty acids that are quickly absorbed into the skin for ultimate hydration. Stretch marks and dryness disappear as Marula’s intense hydrating properties infuse into the skin and retaining your skin’s elasticity that will lead to a more youthful and glowing complexion. Rich in antioxidants that stimulates collagen and also regulates pigmentation creates a natural look on its own as your skin tone becomes smoother and color regulated.

8 quick steps to a quick dewy, natural look:

1.       Apply Ammaterre’s Ultra-Elasticity Marula Eye Serum below your eyes and on the outer edges of your eye area while gently massaging into skin until the serum is absorbed.

2.    Apply Ammaterre’s Anti-Pollution Face Cream Moisture and gently massage into face and neck.

3.    Light Coverage is key!

a.    Lightly apply your favorite concealer or foundation that best matches your skin tone and apply down to your neck to perfectly blend into your skin color.

b.    If you want an even more natural look, skip the coverage and use a tinted moisturizer

4.    Use a light shade of bronzer and blush to accentuate your natural features.

5.    Apply a light dusting of illuminators/highlighters on your above your cheek bones and on the bridge of your nose so the light catches and brings out your features.

6.    Keep eye makeup to a minimal with a light brushing of mascara and a light, luminescent shadow for your eyes.

7.    Shape your eyebrows that follow your natural shape and minimally color in patchy areas.

8.    Apply a light gloss in either neutral or sheer color with a quick application of a lip color a couple shades darker than your natural lip color.



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