Discover what climate change is and how it affects you


Despite the multiple scientific evidence, there is still a part of the population that refuses to believe in climate change based on false myths and repeated lies over and over again, and they don't want to get down to work with sustainability. But let's start from the beginning, what is climate change and why should we worry?

Climate change is already a reality. The global average temperature of the earth's surface has increased almost 1 degree since the middle of the last century due to the excess of greenhouse gases, which is damaging both our ecosystems and our ways of life.

The Earth has already warmed and cooled on other occasions naturally, but the truth is, that these cycles had always been much slower, needing millions of years, while now and as a consequence of human activity, we are reaching levels that at other times they brought extinctions in just two hundred years.

What evidence shows that climate change is a reality?

⦁ The rise in global temperature in 2016 was 1.1 degrees, the largest in the history of mankind

⦁ The rise in sea level

⦁ The progressive melting of glacier masses, such as the Arctic

⦁ Damage to crops and food production

⦁ Droughts

⦁ Health risks

⦁ Extreme weather events such as storms and hurricanes

⦁ Mega-fires

How it will affect us in a few years?

Experts explain that in one of the worst scenarios and if nothing is done about it the temperature increase could reach 4.8 ° C by the end of the century. This would lead to the melting of the ice mass at the poles, which would cause the sea level to rise, causing floods and threatening the coastal coastline, even small island states are at risk of disappearance.

Climate change will also massively increase the occurrence of more violent weather events, droughts, fires, the extinction of many animal and plant species, the destruction of livelihoods and economic resources, especially in developing countries.

The warming will mainly affect the most impoverished countries with less historical responsibility, but the industrialized countries will also suffer the impacts. Our life is in danger.


What is the solution?

The energy sector, due to its use of dirty energy by oil, coal and gas, is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. About 90 companies are responsible for almost two thirds of global emissions. They must unite in the fight against climate change, seek alternatives for the energy industry, there are already so many.

The citizens of this planet must become aware and educate others, explaining that renewable energy will alleviate the effects of climate change and achieve energy efficiency that will generate jobs and reduce electricity costs.

What can you do?

Saving and energy efficiency benefit both the citizen's pocket and the fight against climate change.

⦁ Walk, cycle, or take transit instead of driving.

⦁ Limit your consumption.

⦁ Reduce your food waste ...

⦁ Use less energy at home.

⦁ Limit your air travel.

⦁ Eat less meat and more plant based foods.

⦁ Ask your political representatives to do more to fight climate change

⦁ This federal election, vote for the environment.

⦁ If you have to drive, consider an Electric Vehicle or Plug In Hybrid.

Together, we can make a difference. 



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