Know what your body needs

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Know what your body needs

Everybody wants to have a healthy body, but we must help it! Some essential elements to achieve this aren’t produced by our body. Today we will talk about one of them, Omega-3.

It is an incredible element that helps us in many aspects of our health. They are fatty acids that we need to supply to our body through supplements or foods.

Marula oil is rich in Omega-3. This allows our skin to absorb the product faster. Although this oil is thicker than others, it adheres to the skin leaving it soft, not greasy.

What does Omega-3 do for us?

1- Produce hormones

2- Help us having elasticity in our nails and hair

3- Prevent inflammation

4- It protects us from infectious diseases

We can find Omega-3 in nuts, avocado, olive oil, blue fish, liver and egg. You can also find it in capsules, usually these also contain fish oil.

We want you to know that consuming these foods helps reduce blood sugar levels and improve blood flow, so it’s a good threat.

Among the benefits that Omega-3 brings us, we can find the prevention of thrombosis and protection of the heart.

It also produces the increase of the hormone DHA, which is related to melatonin. This will make you sleep better since this hormone is responsible for achieving sleep reconciliation. Omega-3 it´s wonderful!

Our body is our sanctuary. Remember that everything in excess is bad. It is important to provide the care and attention it deserves using natural sources so that our essence and beauty is empowered and grows more and more!



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