Marula Oil, the African miracle


We know you want to know more about Marula oil, knowledge is infinite and you always have to know more and more!    

Marula Oil comes from the Marula tree, a species native to southern Africa. Normally this tree´s fruit is used to make soft drinks and liquors, but the oil that comes from its seeds contains something that we have always sought: the elixir of youth.  

This oil has so many benefits that the Zulu culture considers it a symbol of fertility and tenderness. Elephants are able to travel kilometers thanks to their attraction for the sweet smell of their fruits. Even in some places it was used for body hygiene before water.   

Marula has antioxidant and moisturizing properties that benefit dry and damaged skin, as well as the hair and scalp; it also can be used to massage. Its daily use leaves the skin incredibly soft, with a very pleasant sensation. In addition it is also good for irritated and reddened skin.


Benefits of marula oil

It is considered one of the most effective oils for the care and treatment of the skin and scalp.

Highly hydrating, it also helps to solve the typical problems of dry skin such as tightness and itching.

It is rich in vitamin C and it contributes to the increase of production of collagen, which means a firmer and elastic skin. It also helps reduce scars and reduces skin blemishes, which is why it is highly recommended to attenuate acne marks and stretch marks.  

Its high content of fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamin E, flavonoids, procyanidins and catechins makes this oil capable of preventing and combating the premature aging of the skin.  

It is important to know all the products that we put on our faces and where they come from, this will also help us have a reference on the ingredients that benefit us and make us feel better. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel good!



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