Marula Oil VS Argan Oil, who wins?

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You probably have heard a lot about Argan oil, this natural oil can be found in almost every cosmetic available in drugstores, but now Marula oil has hit the scene, the top ingredient of Ammaterre products. Some people might be confused about which one is better? And, how are they different? In this blog we solve your concerns. 

They are both African! You can find the necessary seeds for producing Marula oil in trees growing in southern Africa. Seeds of argan oil are also collected in Africa but more in the north of the continent, precisely in Morocco. 

The similarities  

  • They are both full of antioxidants, and work to fight the signs of aging. 

  • They both contain Vitamin E, supporting the skin in healing and repairing. 

  •  Both, argan and marula, contain fatty acids of oleic acid and linoleic acid. 

  • Long term life that resists oxidation. 

  • Both oils contain plant sterols, natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables.  

  • No need for preservatives. 

The Differences 


  • Marula oil contains Vitamin, Argan Oil does not. 

  • Marula contains a smaller amount of vitamin E than Argan oil. 

  • Marula oil contains more phytosterols. 

  • Marula has 16% more antioxidants than any Argan oil available in the market. In other words, it has more anti-aging properties. 

  • Marula oil has a much higher concentration of oleic acid, also known as omega 9, which results in a better penetration capacity with less chance of clogging pores. 

  • If you have dry skin, use Marula oil, as it has more moisturizing properties. 

  • If you deal with oily skin, it’s better for you to use Argan oil. 

How to choose the one for your skin type? 

You can use both oils for your skin, but choosing will depend on your skin type. Marula oil is perfect for every type of skin, but we know our skin often changes depending on the season and whatever weather conditions we are enduring.  

Maybe your skin feels oilier in warmer weather, maybe Argan oil might be the better option for you. But sometimes the harsh conditions of the winter might dry the skin out, in which case marula oil is the best option. If you’re going on a holiday trip, Marula oil is also the best option for fighting against the deeply drying effects of the sun, and fighting the free radical damage that the suns UVA and UVB rays inevitably cause. 


Who wins? 

Both of these oils have amazing skin nourishing properties. But Marula oil has much better features and richer composition, with insuperable antioxidant, nourishing and regenerating properties. Additionally, Marula oil has more pleasant fragrance and a user-friendly formula.  

If Argan won your heart for its many uses and benefits, Marula oil will make you fall in love with its incredible powers for your skin. Feeling curious? Try our Ammaterre products with our 100% guarantee of money back.  



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