Use The Nature

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Ammaterre takes nature and its preservation seriously. Since we care about you and your wellbeing, our products include ingredients that have a better relationship with the biochemical composition of your skin so you can have better results.

By using natural components, these products try to imitate the lipid mantle of your skin with the elements that nature offers you. That means that you can use them no matter your age or allergies you may have.

Taking natural ingredients for their elaboration helps reduce the impact on the environment since its manufacture leaves no harmful chemical residues by not using petroleum products. We must become aware of the climate impact and do something about it, every bit of sand counts.

Natural cosmetics have gained popularity because of the scarcity of chemical substances in their content that can affect your skin or cause us some irritation. Thanks to the natural elements, the possibility of allergies or unfavorable reactions in your skin diminish. Redness shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore!

These products regenerate and protect the skin efficiently and since they are composed by natural ingredients, anyone can use them. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and substances that encourage the production of natural oils.

We all know what is like to be scared of trying a new product on your face, but its adaptation to the skin type is extraordinary for its less aggressive composition for PH.

It is important to know our skin type to correctly choose the products that are specially designed for our skin and what it needs. Remember that natural is beautiful, and nature makes us beautiful!



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