Due to the crisis that we are currently experiencing with COVID-19, there are many consequences that we are feeling. It is difficult for entrepreneurs to sustain themselves in the face of a blow to the world economy of such magnitude, but not impossible.

Knowing how to handle changes and deal with them is a special skill that a good entrepreneur should have. It is true that we are navigating unknown waters, but the entrepreneur must stay in tune with his emotions and continue adding value to his brand. Next, we leave you simple tips to follow so you don't lose your mind, it's time to reinvent yourself.

  • There is no time for denial. Stay tuned for the harshest realities and rapid changes. We must accept that we are experiencing a crisis, that we do not know when it will end, but that we must act with it and not leave our mark behind, make ourselves present and focus our content on the current situation, not let our followers forget us.

  • Focus on other areas. Although perhaps your products are not selling as they used to because of the crisis, it is time to focus on other aspects to improve your brand. Set small goals with frequent checkpoints on changes you want to make, this will make you feel a sense of positive movement.

  • Your home, your office. If you have employees, with the loss of personal contact, you will need to find new ways to stay connected with them. You have to think creatively about how to keep your employees motivated and achieve results through communication methods such as video conferencing and instant messaging.

  • New starts. We must always remember that recessions create new problems that can turn into opportunities. Smart investors will continue to search for good ideas and people. Be on the lookout for options that can pay off when things return to normal.

  • Go Live. We must recognize that most consumers crave entertainment while quarantined at home. This is where Facebook Live or Instagram Live can come in handy. It is a great way to keep your customers engaged and build goodwill. In addition to talking about the current crisis, you can offer a special discount code, free shipping, or some offer that is profitable for your business. We must be creative so customers can identify with your brand and engage with content from the distance.

  • Social distancing, while is good for public health, is bad for small businesses, but don't give up. Rest assured that the future will bring a new normal that no one can predict today, but what we can do is prepare ourselves to walk directly towards growth, giving our best personal effort to face the challenges in the new day.