Ammaterre by Mother Nature, embodies the mind, body, and spirit of the creation of our 100% vegan, all-natural skin care line fit for the modern-day woman or man.

We combine a variety of essential vitamins and non-toxic ingredients from around the world to attain ultimate hydration and radiance without compromising nature’s growth, along with boosting self-confidence to create the best foundation to achieve a healthy, beautiful lifestyle.


Our ingredients are sourced by naturally extracting from nature’s own to create an exotic, vivacious, and natural experience, where even the fragrance of our products will transport you to the most incredible corners of our planet.

Ammaterre protects mother earth and minimizes our foot print we make on the world, therefore transforming the Ammaterre community’s perception on chemically loaded skin care and accepting mother earth’s endless benefits we have all been searching for.

Ammaterre provides security, self-love, and self-esteem as our products teach you to love yourself and earth by becoming conscious of our global impact on nature. By protecting not only oneself, but the earth as well, Ammaterre brings out your individualism and authenticity to embrace your purest self, while achieving a higher quality of life.

We seek to increase worldwide awareness on the importance of self-care, and to provide high-quality, natural products that result in a healthy body and radiant skin for all cultural backgrounds, ages, and genders, while allowing people to embrace their strength in truly believing they are naturally beautiful from the inside out.