While putting your face in the hands of a talented beautician isn't the same thing, giving yourself a facial can do wonders for your mood and skin.

With certain frequency we must do a facial cleaning to preserve the correct health of our skin. Removing dead cells and toxins that accumulate in the pores is of utmost importance for healthy skin.

According to Olga Lorencin, founder of the Olga Lorencin Skin Care Clinic in Beverly Hills, her facial should include each of these steps:

  • Clean. Even if you are not in the habit of putting on makeup, this step cannot be missed.

  • Exfoliate. It is performed every 15 days on the face and depending on the type of scrub it will perform other functions. You will help move dead cells, blackheads and granites.

  • Mask. Choose masks with soothing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties and use the mask you need the most.

  • Hydrate (this is when you will apply your toner, moisturizer and eye cream). In this step we use creams or serums that have a slightly denser texture since their main function is to moisturize / hydrate our skin, you can find them in our Ammaterre product line. This step allows us to recover the elasticity and shine of the skin, as well as recover it from some damage caused.

If you follow all these steps with perseverance and awareness of the benefit you deliver to your skin, you will start to notice changes very soon. Also keep in mind that the skin cleaning products we use must be adapted to our situation and specific skin type.

If you need more guidance on how to keep your skin happy at home, you can always go to a professional. Many beauticians and dermatologists are offering remote consultations right now, so you can get product recommendations and personalized advice.