As you know, our star ingredient in Ammaterre is Marula oil, we have told you about its properties and its roots, but this time we will give you clear and precise reasons why you should add it to your beauty ritual.

Although Marula oil is increasingly known in different countries of the world, there are those who still need more specific reasons as to why it is the best oil on the market, and here we bring them:

  • It is ideal for all skin types, (yes, ALL), from the most oily to the driest face you can benefit from this oil, thanks to the fact that the Marula has a balanced PH.

  • It has antibacterial properties, which keeps your skin clean and at the same time is ideal for users with acne, since it does not cover the pores.

  • Marula has moisturizing properties that no other oil has, since it is absorbed very quickly, this also helps the skin stay hydrated for longer.

  • Let's be honest, the main reason why we take care of our skin is because we don't want the signs of aging to appear so fast. Marula oil is rich in antioxidants (vitamin C and E) which, together with its moisturizing qualities, helps repair sun damage, fine lines and scars.

  • This oil will leave your skin ultra soft to the touch in an instant, but just as important, it will help maintain that silky texture by moisturizing and reversing the damage left by rough skin in the first place.

  • Marula omegas reduce the damage caused by external factors, such as pollution, weather and sun, which accelerate aging.

Ready to add the Marula to your beauty routine?

Add this elixir of youth to your skincare routine soon, you can do it through all Ammaterre products, day cream, night cream and eye contour, which are manufactured based on the Marula and free of parabens