Many of us try to have a skin care routine similar to the one we followed before, however, erroneously many people have left it aside when they consider that the skin will not suffer any damage when not leaving home.

In previous blogs we have talked about what we should do during quarantine, but this time we will tell you what not to do to maintain the brightness of the skin. Since makeup has become optional, sun exposure is kept to a minimum, and the environment in which we spend all day has completely changed, what should we stop doing to take care of our face?

  • It doesn’t matter that you don´t leave the house, do not stop washing your face at least twice a day. Do the test, clean your face with a cotton ball and micellar water after spending all day at home, you will see that bacteria, impurities and dead cells will continue to manifest on your face, which will cause the skin to have excess sebum and buds or pimples come out.

  • Not sleeping at least 8 hours will undoubtedly have a negative effect on our skin, because it will prevent the cellular regeneration of our body from happening in an adequate way. In addition, not having the habit of sleeping the necessary hours causes dehydration and can even lead to stress, which causes the appearance of signs of age at an early age.

  • We know it is difficult, but we must lower the hours of use of electronic devices. Every time we are in front of the computer, cell phone or television it is as if we are receiving light directly on our skin, and this can cause damage both inside and outside. This is also why it is mandatory to use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 even indoors.

  • Moderate the consumption of fats and sugars. Remembering that you are what you eat, and food is also a fundamental part of the health of our skin, we also know that it is difficult not to fall into temptations if we are always at home and with more free time. That is why we suggest that you look for healthy fats such as avocado and include a wide variety of fruits that provide antioxidants to your body. With an appropriate alimentation you can look radiant skin accompanied by an excellent skincare routine.

  • During confinement, don't overdo it. You don't need to get a mask and facial every day. Do not overdo it is our best advice, because it is great to take the time to restart and take things slowly. Now more than ever, our health must be a priority for everyone and the habits we have today will speak about us in the future.