It’s probably that lately you have seen a lot on social networks the term sustainability, and despite not being a relatively new term, today there are many people who are raising their voices so the world knows what sustainability is and what is its importance.

Let's start with this, what is sustainability? We can define it as a balance between society and its environment, so the population can satisfy their needs in an equitable way with an appropriate use of resources, taking care of them and allowing their regeneration, so as not to compromise the lives of generations. to come, nor that of the rest of living beings.

Among the key factors of sustainable development are population growth, energy demand, climate change, scarcity of resources and water, and waste management.

The UN has said on several occasions that the first objective that sustainability has to achieve is to create global awareness: we must understand, once and for all, that we live on an interconnected planet, that our actions affect others and that decisions we don't make today will impact our sons and daughters tomorrow.

Importance on the planet

It is not acceptable for humans to contaminate at a faster rate than the Earth and the Environment are capable of assimilating and processing, this also implies a sustainable and natural elimination of waste.

The sustainability model is important to solve the current planetary problems, reducing environmental degradation and in general the ecological footprint that human beings leave on the globe, while allowing economic growth, fighting against poverty and improve human well-being, hence the significance of promoting activities in its support.

The goal of environmental sustainability is to conserve natural resources and develop alternative sources of energy, while reducing pollution and environmental damage caused by our actions.

Actions we can take

Establish habits of responsible consumption in daily life and impart them to all members, so that they are incorporated into the conservation of the environment.

Educate our children and family from a young age about what is sustainability and how to help our planet.

Through your social network channels or family groups send thoughtful messages that promote community awareness of responsible consumption.

If you have a company or office space, encourage compliance with regulations related to good environmental practices.

All these actions will save energy and make it less polluting, they are aspects of sustainability that you can consider doing to contribute yourself to the health of the planet.