Marula Oil

Marula is harvested in Southern Africa and is carefully extracted from the Marula fruit.

It is traditionally used by the Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique as body lotion due to it’s high concentration of mono-saturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants, which provide intensive moisturizing elements.

For hundreds of years, the people of South Africa have been using Marula Oil as a natural remedy and have been incorporated in beauty rituals to protect both skin and hair from rough weather conditions that cause dehydration.

Marula oil’s stable composition of fatty acids and natural antioxidants combine with Vitamin C and Vitamin E to create an extra layer of hydration that allows for easy absorption, without leaving an oily residue. Marula oil’s thin consistency is often compared to Moroccan Argan oil, but Marula’s intense hydration has 60 percent more antioxidants for healthy, glowing skin.

Ammaterre Skincare Marula Oil infused products have a luxurious consistency, are healing while hydrating, and provide deep moisture for all skin types.


Marula Oil is studied to help protect against UV damage, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars, prevent various skin disorders including Eczema, and provide anti-aging qualities for all skin types. 

Marula Oil Benefits will surprise you!

Ammaterre works with nature to create a gentle, yet powerful solution your skin will love. Ammaterre Skincare infuses 100% vegan ingredients and essential nutrients with Marula Oil to help improve your complexion, reduce redness, and smooth fine lines, while gently rejuvenating your skin. 

Marula Oil benefits are being discovered around the world by those who seek to naturally improve their skin. Marula Oil is best known for its healing properties that prevent stretch marks, protects against environmental damage, including harsh sun rays, and improves skin conditions, including acne and eczema.