We know that during the quarantine we are much less exposed to sunlight, and this could be harmful to our health. What must we do to keep our vitamin D levels normal during confinement?

Let's start by defining what vitamin D is and why we need it. Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium, a very essential element for our bones. It is important to have healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Lack of it can lead to a disease of bone deformity called rickets in children, and a condition of similar bone weakness called osteopathic in adults.

Now, since we are somewhat limited to vitamin D by sunlight, where can we find it? The body has three ways to obtain vitamin D:

  • Through the skin, where it is synthesized by the action of ultraviolet light (UV).

  • With food.

  • From supplements.

The World Health Organization recommends taking advantage of sunny hours on patios and balconies, even if it is cloudy. On the other hand, if we want to find vitamin D through food it is also possible, here we leave you the foods most recommended by specialists in nutrition and health.

  • Fatty fish, such as tuna, salmon, horse mackerel, bream, anchovies, sardines, anchovies, etc.

  • Prawns.

  • Yolk.

  • Almond drink.

  • Dairy, such as milk and enriched yogurt.

    Vitamin D supplements are the third way to obtain this micro nutrient. But we must take it with care, if they are not administered properly, they can cause us problems. It is always recommended that if you plan to ingest this nutrient through capsules that your doctor prescribes the amount you should take.

    In short, the best thing we can do during this quarantine to not lower our vitamin D levels is to include the foods mentioned above in our daily diet, look out the window for at least 20 minutes a day if possible, this while we can healthy outdoor walking routine when pandemic control allows you to do this again.