There are two types of people in the world, those who prefer to only use makeup to cover their skin problems and those who prefer to invest in skin care products. Welcome those who believe in skincare!

When you are looking to provide health and beauty to your skin, it is likely that you are following suggestions or opinions of people who do not have a skin like yours, or even only recommend great brands without really knowing their benefits because sometimes we get carried away by the marketing.

Our skin is a reflection of health, so you probably won't want to cover your pores even more with thick layers of daily makeup and skincare products that aren't really working for you. Each skin is different and it is important to recognize and take note of what works and what does not.

Basic reasons

  • We must bear in mind that the effectiveness of the ingredient you are looking for will depend on the order of the list of ingredients in the product, for example, if you are looking for the benefits of vitamin C but it appears last on the list, you will probably not get the desired results. Our Ammaterre line has vitamins C and E, and being completely natural your skin absorbs nutrients properly giving you that look you want.

  • You should check if a product has been on your shelf for too long, which is generally between 6 and 12 months, depending on the product and the packaging, this can definitely make it less effective and is less likely to provide the results you are looking for.

  • Another basic reasons why your products do not work is that they are not being applied frequently. Constancy and patience is key when looking for results.

  • Low quality products only bring poor results. Not all skin care products are the same, and sometimes we see that reflected in the prices. As its packaging is also important, if the open bottle package can let in a lot of oxygen, it can cause destabilization of the active ingredients.

  • Try to avoid storing your products near the shower. Temperature changes due to hot baths and this can put the quality of your products at risk. A clear example is your sunscreen, if it overheats in the car it will no longer be effective against ultraviolet radiation or it can even cause skin irritation.

  • Do not mix products of different brands without checking the effectiveness of each of them. It is likely that you have acquired a new cream and feel that it is not as effective as you thought, but let it act alone for at least two weeks, without mixing it with other skincare products to get real results.

There are many reasons why your skincare products do not seem so effective, we recommend using them for 2 weeks, if you do not see positive changes by then it is probably not the one for you. To avoid losing money on products that are not compatible with your skin we recommend you try natural options, since there are fewer side effects and the skins usually react better and more effectively to them.