Most women love putting on some makeup, whether it's just applying some blush and mascara or even shadows with a super delineated. It depends on the occasion and even on our state of mind that how much makeup we want to use, but there’s something to keep in mind, if we are willing to put on makeup, we must also be able to remove makeup.

The feeling of getting up the next day with a fresh and clean face thanks to the fact that we remove all our makeup, is unique and indescribable, this helps us not to create unwanted skin lesions such as acne. But the reality is that most makeup removers on the market, because of the chemicals might cause skin irritations, so if you have a sensitive skin we are giving you some natural options to remove your makeup.

Attached to our philosophy of Mother Earth, we recommend using what is best to your face, and if you have sensitive skin you definitely must try natural methods to remove makeup (which is the ultimate goal of all make-up removers) and also have no side effects on your skin. Next, we will mention some ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen and your skin will be fascinated:

  • Olive oil: It is a very soft oil and penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin so it helps clean your pores of dirt, sebum, chemicals and grease. By using this oil to remove makeup you can eliminate heavier beauty products without difficulty.

  • Steam: Another natural way to remove makeup is with steam, an ideal option to leave your face soft and clean. You will only have to fill a bowl with hot water and place it near your face so that it gives you steam, but be careful not to burn yourself.

  • Almond oil and coconut oil: They are a homemade eye makeup remover for 100% natural sensitive skin. It is excellent to take care of the dermis in depth, eliminating all the residues in it and nourishing it.

  • Infusion of parsley and chamomile: An infusion is prepared with a quarter of a liter of water, three or four branches of fresh parsley and a sprig of chamomile. You can add a few drops of virgin olive oil or almond oil. This makeup remover tonic can be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than three days. Given the antiseptic properties of parsley and soothing chamomile, this makeup remover is miraculous when you have bags or dark circles.

    Remember, some oils can be comedogenic, so you better ask your dermatologist if these kind of oils like coconut oil are appropiate for your skin.

    By using these basic ingredients to wash the face, we not only remove the remains of makeup from our skin, but moisturize, hydrate and leave it with a soft sensation. In addition to being beneficial to the health of our skin, we also support using environmental conservation causes with these products. Always remember that when you remove your makeup you should also apply your Ammaterre night cream, so your skin can regenerates completely while you sleep.